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How to use Effect!

And write better end to end software, so you can sleep at night!

Getting Super Powers

You will aquire knowledge on how to build software in a purely functional manner, you will leverage a particular kind of algebraic effects called environmental effects in order to structure your code in a better way enabling you to test each individual component in an isolated way and making your modules reusable and composable.
We are not cheating, neither using magic tricks! By leveraging functional programming principles we have developed a set of libraries that enrich the fp-ts ecosystem with the functionalities that you may find in a library like ZIO in the Scala ecosystem.
The latest development in the core TypeScript language allow us to take environment usage even further compared to what ZIO can achieve, namely TypeScript has a very good support for intersection types and this makes environment usage wonderful.


So let's get the superpowers, bootstrap a new yarn project and install basic dependencies:
$ mkdir my-project
$ yarn init -y
$ yarn add @matechs/aio
$ yarn add -D typescript
Note that @matechs/aio (all-in-one) includes all the required dependencies plus a rich set of optional libraries like io-ts, morphic-ts, newtype-ts, monocle-ts that makes development in typescript extremely productive


The library is released with under MIT license and the codebase is fully open-source at:
As with any good library there is a commercial project that support the development and maintainance, if you want to know more find us at we are a digital accelerator looking for smart founders & projects to build!


Docs are meant to be only for introduction to the architecture but are still outdated, for proper usage refer to the test & demo packages in each package in the github repo.

Project Config

You will need to bootstrap a classic npm package with TypeScript configured in "strict" mode.
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